Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): June 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Political Chips (Alex Poulter) NAILS it

I told myself months ago that I was going to lay off this blog until after the primary. Mostly, I didn't have anything nice to say.

And watching the rhetoric Kansas primary between Sen. Pat Roberts and Dr. Milton Wolf supporters was making me long for the good ol' days of the Moran vs. Tiahrt campaign.

But Alex Poulter has written a piece that's just too good to let pass without comment. Poulter calls it "Munchausen by Cochran."

There's THIS:

"The Republicans in this camp focus on "liking" individual people more so than the principles spelled out in the Platform.   Naturally, they "hate" or "despise" many of us who often use the Republican Party Platform to articulate positions against candidates they “like”."

I can't add much to what Poulter wrote. I'll just say this: I feel apathetic about politics right now. I feel hopeless. It isn't solely that we have a President and supporters who will stand by as the IRS uses its powers to abuse U.S. citizens. It isn't that this U.S. administration has opened the borders to anyone and everyone -- including Mexican drug cartels, and probably terrorist. Nor is it that after winning the war in Iraq, we've cut-and-run instead of maintaining the peace. It isn't that here in the U.S. response to us losing the peace is based solely on whose fault it is rather than on fixing the problem. It isn't that we are perfectly fine with leaving Americans behind while they are PAINTING targets on top of our Libyan embassy that being overrun by terrorist or that we allow our veterans to languish and actually die while awaiting services the American people promised to those who've already sacrificed so much. It isn't even that we exchanged a soldier who deserted and possibly aided and abetted the enemy for five terrorist known for things like beheading seven-year-olds.

No. The part that's led me to this point is that the Republican Party, which I truly decided might save the Republic, has decided to fight for the table scraps of power instead of working to right America's course.

I've had enough.