Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): July 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What Team Red Can Learn from Team Blue

You know what Dems do better than Republicans? I mean, besides controlling the media and higher education, indoctrinating children in primary schools and being woke? Their party faithful (censored: the less-than-nice names I'd like to add here) pony up $10-$25 individually to help fund their political candidates.

Go look through just about any Democratic candidate's campaign finance filing. You'll find line after line after line of individuals who kicked in small amounts. Obviously, those small dollar donors can add up to a large bucket of money, but as importantly, it gives a psychological edge to the candidate. And the candidate gets a decent news cycle out of it, saying no matter the small amount of dollars on the bottom line, that they have broad support of "the People." 

It takes money to win a campaign, and I would argue for Republicans, it takes more money. Team Red doesn't control the media, and with the exception of President Trump, we don't drive the narrative either. We need cash to push out our message, because we can't count on the Democrats (or our questionable social media skills -- no offense, friends) to get our message to the masses.

So if you have a favorite Republican candidate, or even a least favorite Democrat, reach deep into your wallet, forego a cup of coffee and send a check to your favorite Republican or the opponent of your least favorite Dem. You're helping more than you know.