Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback closes Main Street forever (not)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brownback closes Main Street forever (not)

In what should be the least controversial story in oh, months, the state announced this week that it is closing the Kansas Main Street Program.

Counterwauling on Twitter would leave the average news reader to assume that with the shuttering of the program, which provides zero-interest matching loans to small businesses, many Kansas cities will roll up the sidewalks and announced the death of Main Street altogether.

Commerce Department Secretary Pat George announced that the restructuring in his department, which oversaw the Kansas Main Street programs, also will result in 18 layoffs.

Losing a job is traumatic, but this program should've been given the heave-ho years ago. Government shouldn't be in the business of business. Period.

As this never-ending recession drags on, (Yeah, I don't care that Obama declared "Mission Accomplished" on the recession a few years ago. It's not true.) government officials at all levels must find ways to slash spending. They must prioritize.

No kids or old people will go hungry in the killing of this program. 

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