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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pardon my political incorrectness, but...

Nancy Pelosi pretends to be Catholic.
Democrats are Godless. I don't care how many of them wander around wearing ashes on their foreheads (Ahem. Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry). Ann Coulter wrote one of my very favorite books on the topic, Godless: The Church of Liberalism;  and Sen. Steve Fitzgerald made mention of the fact during his campaign for office. Anyone whose ever actually done more than thumb through their Bibles knows these things to be true. 

Being a Christian requires adherence to God's law, and some of His law requires very little interpretation. (Some of it's tricky and confusing and Biblical scholars have spent thousands of years debating it, but some of it is really, truly self-evident.)

Anyway, so it was with a lot of laughing that I read a Facebook posting of Rep. Paul Davis. He is up in arms about a Capital Commission prayer list that includes the line, "target prayer for dark spiritual areas of Southeast Kansas, Kansas City Kansas and North Johnson County."

Davis wrote:

This is truly offensive. As a lifelong resident of Lawrence, I can say firsthand that it is a place rooted deeply in spirituality, where caring for your neighbors is BOTH practiced and preached.
Sorry, this just makes me laugh so, so hard. This Capital Commission hosts Bible studies in the Governor's Office once a week. There, they study the Christian Bible -- or maybe the Catholic one. I don't know. The Governor is Catholic and some of you Protestants may not consider Catholics Christian, but you get the drift. We're talking about People of the Book -- these are people who believe that Jesus is the Savior, He came to earth and lived among us, died and rose again, and that those who walk with Him will have everlasting life. (Wanna know more? Start here. And here is some information on the next step, discipleship. And here's a little on Christians' role in government.)

What I'm trying to say here, and not very well, is these are people praying for Christian understanding -- not deep spirituality. There's a difference between the two. I'm sure there are many people in Lawrence who daily say prayers to Gaia asking her (it??) to bless their vegan lifestyles or whatever. Those people are in a spiritual darkness if they don't know the Christian God. This is what Christians believe. (It's right there in the Book. You can look it up.)

I guess the part that amuses me the most about Davis' post, and the knee-jerk liberals pretending to be offended that their "spirituality" is being questioned, is that the far more offensive part of the prayer list is the part essentially seeking prayers for the Governor's agenda.  

Apart from issues of great moral concern (ahem. Yes, I'm talking about the not-so-moral practice of ripping unborn babies from the womb and dumping them in garbage cans.) I would feel petty asking God to intervene on something that seems so small time-y, like judicial reform.

But I'm no theologian, and I personally believe the conversations between individuals and God are largely a private affair.  However, of all the things to be offended by, praying for peoples who are less likely to be know God, based on a whole host of things including the fact that they are Democrats, is hardly worth getting oneself all huffy. 

If I was a Democrat, which thankfully, I am not; or easily offended, I think I'd probably be much more offended about praying for a certain (not really moral-related) policy to be enacted than I would be over someone (gasp!) wanting to pray for me. 

Side note: I fully support the Governor's proposal for judicial reform. It's just not on my personal prayer list. 

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