Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Gut punch from the Kansas Chamber

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gut punch from the Kansas Chamber

Well this is disappointing.

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce is lobbying Kansas' Congressional delegation to support the vile "immigration reform" bill.

Today, the group issued a press release supporting the measure. (I guess this little press release gives some of us a clue as to why Sen. Jerry Moran is on the fence on the immigration bill.)

In it, Brian Hemann, a dairyman from Hugoton says: 

"The Kansas economy needs people to grow. The majority of the population growth in Kansas is attributable to immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants."

I have had just about enough of Kansas farmers. Yes, they feed the world. It's back-breaking work. But today's Kansas farmer ain't my grandfather's farm. That's for sure.

Instead of hitching up their bootstraps, the Kansas farmer, today, more and more stands on the backs of hard working Americans. They demand subsidies and handouts, and woe, to the Kansas Congressman who opposes such a thing. 

See the recent farm bill as an example. While the farmers lobbied hard for the monstrosity, the majority of the funding in the porkulus bill funds food stamps.

Meanwhile, there are few industries in Kansas who abuse illegal immigrants as the farming industry does. They rely on the ability to pay subpar wages to illegals. Illegals, who by the way, drive down wages for the rest of us  -- you know, we hardworking taxpayers who fund their little farm subsidies.

Eric Stafford, Kansas Chamber member says:

"We need to make the system more efficient, accessible and open to immigration through increased visas and efficient verification. We support securing the border to prevent future illegal immigration, but the broken system led to illegal immigration. Do not discourage people from pursuing the American Dream."

There was a time when the "American Dream" meant standing in line and coming to America through the front door. Today, the "American Dream" is one in which liars and cheaters get ahead. Yeah, I'm talking to you members of the Chamber who rely on illegal workers at substandard pay to pad your bottomline. Yes, I'm talking to you, Kansas farmers, who typically redden with anger at the idea of government picking winners and losers, and then balk at eliminating farm subsidies.

You both talk out of both sides of your mouth. It's disgusting and I'm embarrassed for you.


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