Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Now what?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Now what?

The news media will have you believe that voters sent "a message" in yesterday's election, but I have no idea what it was. Neither do the political pundits.

• Chris Christie won in a landslide. The New Jersey Republican coasted into another term in the Governor's office. And now, Christie thinks he has a shot at the White House in 2016. Seconds after winning, Christie announced he's not a "moderate." He's a "conservative." The announcement was laying groundwork for the 2016 campaign. I'm not buying it.

Let me make this clear, GOP. If Chris Christie is our nominee in 2016, I walk, no run, to a third party. I will not vote for that narcissist. We've got one in the Oval Office right now, and the last thing we need is another one. Anyone who puts himself above principle, above party, above everything and anything, will NOT get my vote.

I'm done. I held my nose and voted for McCain. I bit my lip and voted for Romney. And I'm not doing it again. If the GOP can't see fit to run a conservative in 2016, I'm out. Permanently. And I don't think I'm alone in that. Chris Christie cost Romney votes in 2012. He did everything but offer Obama an endorsement. Christie said the Obama photo op was to help New Jersey post Hurricane Sandy. That worked out well.More than a year later, parts of New Jersey remain in shambles. I do not, I will not, forgive him for giving Obama an edge in 2012. There was too much at stake in the last election to leave anything to chance.

• In a squeaker, Democrat Terry McAuliffe narrowly defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli. This stings. Cuccinelli lost by only 2. 5 percent, despite being dramatically outspent and abandoned by establishment Republicans.

The establishment-set is itching to place the blame for this loss at the feet of the Tea Party. They are wrong. Cuccinelli WON independents by 9 percent. Voters were divided in who to blame for the government shutdown. Ignore the Establishment-types who want to pin the Cuccinelli loss on Tea Partiers shutting down the government. It simply isn't true. Approximately half of Virginia voters -- 47 percent -- blamed Republicans for the shut down. Guess what percentage blamed Democrats for the shutdown? 47 percent. And there is probably not a better place to poll who gets the blame for the government shutdown. Virginians may have actually felt the effects of the shutdown, whereas in most of the country, the shutdown meant business as usual, only with more complaining and whining on the nightly newscast.

• A communist is New York City's next mayor. Visit now, because a few years from now, that place will return to the pit of despair it was before Rudy Guiliani took the helm. It's a shame. New York City is wonderful now. Four years from now, it will be Detroit-light.

• Voters in Jackson County, Mo., aren't nearly as stupid as I thought they were. They overwhelmingly rejected a sales tax that would've funded an enormous slush funds that politicians would use to reward their friends and punish their detractors. The $800 million tax proceeds were to go to private hospitals. (I like hospitals, and I like medical research, but it's not government's role.) 

The shocking tax defeat may signal brighter days in Kansas City's future. If KCMO voters continue this streak of reasonableness, the city may one day offer competitive advantages that outpace Johnson County. If they get rid of that stupid income tax and fix their schools, watch out, world.

• Colorado voters defeated a nutso measure that would pour more money into public schools. By some miracle, Colorado voters did not fall for the line, "It's for the children." Color me shocked.

The failure of Amendment 66 may serve as a warning to liberals in Kansas who think the only thing lacking in Kansas is more money for public schools. I'm pretty sure that's the sole platform item for Paul Davis, the Democratic candidate for Kansas Governor. If Colorado isn't buying it, Kansans won't either.

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