Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): K. Yo will have Kompetition

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

K. Yo will have Kompetition

Rep. Kevin Yoder will have a Democratic opponent for his 3rd District Congressional seat.

Kelly Kultala announced her campaign for Congress this morning. Hope springs eternal, I guess, because the odds of her being successful this morning are about the same as my chances of winning the lottery. 

In a press release, she said, "Washington these days reminds me of when my daughters were little and would fight over their toys -- lots of finger pointing and name calling but nothing gets done."

Kelly said she's ALWAYS worked together to get results in bipartisan fashion. (It's just wonderful to hear the waves crashing from the balcony of my ocean front home in Kansas.)

KK's press release says she went back to college while her daughter was a baby and how she was a working mother paying the bills for her cancer stricken husband. 

And, of course, the release explains that her time in public service has been defined by working with Republicans and Democrats. (She's not really a liberal, people, really!!)

So, the race for the third Congressional race just got a little less boring, I guess.

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