Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Opening in the Kansas Senate

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opening in the Kansas Senate

There's going to be an opening in the Kansas Senate soon.

I am not sure who is leaving, but rumor has it one Senator is soon to be vaunted to a cherry appointment on the Kansas Corporation Commission.

The KCC has regulatory authority over energy companies operating in Kansas.


  1. Um... this already happened. Sen. Jay Emler (R-Lindsborg) was appointed to the KCC in January, and replaced by Clark Shultz (R-McPherson) Are you just behind schedule here or is there another such appointment looming? Who's leaving the KCC to make a vacancy?

  2. Nope. This is a different Senator. Thomas Wright's term on the commission is about over. A different state Senator will be appointed to replace him. Mark it down. Also, please note that most of the Brownback appointments are longer serving members of the Kansas Legislature. Is the Governor trying to reshape the legislature through precinct committee men and women?

  3. Someone on the Senate commerce committee, perhaps?