Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): You're for free speech or you're with the terrorists

Friday, February 6, 2015

You're for free speech or you're with the terrorists

This bill should never have seen the light of day. Never. 

House Bill 2234 would force Kansas community colleges and state universities to implement policies that prohibit professors from using their titles when contributing to newspaper opinion peices. 

No legislator will admit authoring this attack on free speech, but the Topeka Capital-Journal theorizes-ish that the author is either Virgil Peck or Steve Huebert. Those two have assumed circling firing positions. 

Look, there are a LOT of liberal professors polluting the airwaves and newsprint with their stupidity. And I realize America doesn't look as pretty as she once did, but we still believe in free speech, right? 

Peck told the Cap-J that he didn't offer the bill and then did an about-face saying he sometimes introduces bills in committee as a courtesy. As a courtesy to whom, sir?

Yes, legislators sometimes offer bills as courtesies to constituents, but legislators can also say no. 

If (and that's a BIG if) someone actually asked Peck or Huebert to introduce this attack on the First Amendment, the should have told them, yeah, no. Not going to happen.

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