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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kansas Dems on life support

 The Pitch Weekly attempted to diagnose the Dem problems in its Washington Days coverage. I don't think the Washington Days Dem party was much fun this year. (Losing usually isn't.)

Dennis McKinney, Greensburg, turned down a nomination for party chair alluding to former party communications director Dakota Loomis calling rural Kansas towns, "crapholes." McKinney said the comments showed that the Democrats aren't connecting with the people of Kansas.

Understatement of the year. I read through the Pitch article, here, wondering if half of those Democrats had ever met anyone (outside of the Washington Days attendees) who actually lives in Kansas.

The article subtly theorizes that Kansas donkeys didn't "take firm stances that would resonate with constituencies." Like gay rights and what the people of Istanbul think of Kansas.

To be sure, those are issues, I guess, but those aren't issues that are going to draw masses of Kansans to the polls. Those just aren't things that keep most people -- and especially most Kansans -- awake at night.

I can't imagine how Dennis McKinney identifies with any Democrats these days. By all accounts, he is a Christian -- a real one -- not one of those guys toting a giant Bible who has never actually read a word of it. 

I suspect Dennis' brother, Don McKinney, is (gasp! if you're a Dem) pro-life, like majority of Americans and the vast majority of Kansans. 

Dennis McKinney admitted that his own daughter suggested they start praying during the Greensburg tornado. Your teenage children don't typically admonish their parents to pray, unless they were raised in a home or community where such things are the norm. He spoke of prayers and his pastor -- a real pastor, not a Jeremiah Wright type preaching of America's damnation -- in several interviews following the tornado.

And I wondered then, as I do now, how McKinney could possibly be a Democrat. My guess these days is that he's exceptionally loyal. That's a good thing, but today's Democratic Party can't resemble in any way the party Dennis originally signed up for. 

Remember when JFK said ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? And he didn't mean -- what you can do for your country by paying more for those who will not work? This was a president who proposed slicing income tax rates and cutting the corporate tax rate. 

I imagine that's the party people like Dennis McKinney, and the few remaining Dems in western Kansas, signed up for. As opposed to this:

Or this:

But I am A-OK with Kansas Democrats thinking they're going to inspire generations of voters to the polls with a leftward push. The Republicans aren't doing the best job ever now that they are in control, but I know what a community dominated by years of liberal leadership looks like:


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