Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Attack of the so-called mods

Monday, November 16, 2015

Attack of the so-called mods

The good news is most of the so-called mods are running as Democrats, appropriately.

The bad news is all for them: They're going to lose and lose in ways that make even the staunchest of conservatives uncomfortable.

The KC Star reported this week that several political newcomers will be challenging conservatives in Johnson County for seats in the Kansas Legislature. Let the clown show commence.

  • Leesa Gabel, so called mod Republican, will attempt to oust Rep. Keith Esau.

  • Vicki Hiatte, accurately campaigning as a Dem,  will vie for Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook's seat.

  • Dinah Sykes, so called mod, will attempt to unseat Sen. Greg Smith.
  • Cindy Holscher, Dem, will take on Rep. Amanda Grosserode.
I know of a few other so-called moderates and Johnson County Dems also planning to take a stab at defeating conservative office holders. 

What do all of these candidates have in common -- other than a stunning lack of political experience? They plan to campaign on the fact that Johnson County schools are destitute. 

Yeah. That's the ticket.

It's almost like a bunch of candidates tried that just last election cycle. I won't bore you with how it turned out, but, um... you should note the very limited number of moderates and Democrats who hold office in Kansas. 

As one very wise Democratic operative put it in a post, "How the Kansas Democratic Party Drove Itself to Near Extinction" on the DailyKos: Johnson County parents weren't going to believe the argument that education was suffering when their kids "were coming home with free technology."

The Kansas liberals just can't get it through their thick skulls: Kansas is a conservative state. The sad part is their ineptitude is not creating a big enough challenge for conservatives. Competition is good, but Kansas conservatives don't really have any.

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  1. Just a note to let you know that I enjoyed reading your blog. Well done and on point!