Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Stompy. Stompy. Barb Shelley Mad.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Stompy. Stompy. Barb Shelley Mad.

Barb Shelley is mad. Stompy. Stompy. Stompy.
Gov. Sam Brownback has had the audacity to appoint people to offices and positions to which they have no experience.

To which, I say, DUH!!! 

I know this comes as a super shock, but most politicians appoint people with no experience to positions they have no business serving. Shelley writes in a ridiculous screed for the Star as if Brownback is the first politician to appoint friends and political supporters in this fashion.

The dumb. It’s strong.

If we’re being honest, it drives me absolutely bonkers, 9,000 degrees of up the wall, the way politicians line their staffs and appointments with political pals and their children. That said, it is dishonest and insincere to pretend that this is something only Republicans do. I mean, come on, man.


I’m also hearing a common refrain that there’s far too much turnover in Brownback’s Cabinet. This may come as a shock, but that’s really business as usual. Former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius had more turnover than Brownback. Good luck finding that fact in print anywhere, but I am not making this up. The primary difference between the turnover in Brownback’s administration and the turnover in Sebelius’ administration is partisan hacks like Shelley pretending it’s some sort of bizarre reflection on the person in charge. If that’s the case, someone should have a serious talk with the President about the insane turnover in his administration. And don’t even get me started on his appointments to ambassadorships. (Also, not uncommon for Presidents to give ambassadorships to their friends, Kennedys, donors, Hollywood starlets. Still, it’s gross.)

So yes, Brownback appoints people who have no experience to jobs they probably shouldn’t hold. And don’t make me reiterate how your chances of a cherry job or political appointment in the Brownback administration increase exponentially if you attend a certain Topeka church or live in Kim Borchers’ basement. But let’s not pretend Sebelius, Obama, any politician since the dawn of man, has had a vetting process that thoroughly took into consideration potential appointees’ experience, education or skill. 

This feels like the place where I should mention that President Obama appointed Kathleen Sebelius to take over one-sixth of the U.S. economy as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. I'm pretty sure her VAST experience for the job included marrying someone with the right last name, backing Obama instead of Hillary and in bewildering fashion -- managing to get elected Kansas Governor. Oh, and she was an ambulance chasing lawyer before that. Clearly, highly, highly qualified for that job.

Shelley's attempt at a Brownback hatchet job is just sad.

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  1. I absolutely hate it when jobs are given to people off merit. It is downright unfair to everyone in this society. This system needs to change.