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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Captain Obvious

I think this pathetic excuse for a news story is supposed to be some sort of "gotcha." It's ridiculous.

The Capital-Journal asked Gov. Brownback if he wanted to walk back some statements about Planned Parenthood and its disturbing propensity to laugh about baby body parts over salads and wine on hidden video.

To the absolute shock of surely no one, Gov. Brownback basically said yeah, I stand by what I said, despite the fact that in a political move the filmmakers were indicted for using fake drivers licenses. 

To hear the pro choice people talk, you'd think the filmmakers were absolutely discredited. Um. No. I think everyone who saw the videos understood that the filmmakers weren't using their real names.

What slays me, however, is that a reporter had the audacity to ask basically ask Brownback if he stood by being pro-life. I don't even. 

So ridiculous. 

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