Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A Bad Start

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Bad Start

Well, Kansas' new Congressman is off to a rocky and embarrassing start, after his son "dabbed" during Dr. Roger Marshall's swearing in ceremony.

Dabbing, for anyone over the age and mental capacity of 10, is a dance move that resembles sneezing. Cal Marshall, 17, told U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan that he was about to sneeze during the Roger Marshall's swearing in ceremony yesterday. However, the lengthy pose holding, coupled with a questionable, joke-y facial expression, would suggest otherwise. You can watch it here. Prepare to be horrified.

I hate to comment on the children of any politician, however, it's difficult to ignore when overseas publications pick up the story. I'll simply say this: Cal's parents should be embarrassed. His father's response was a joke-y tweet suggesting Cal is "grounded." Ho, ho, ho, guys. Our Congressman and his kin appear to think that representing the people of the Big First of Kansas is a great big joke. 

It's probably not much of a secret that I liked Congressman Tim Huelskamp a lot. I recognize he was difficult to work with and a bit of a grandstander, and I still submit that a legislative body needs those people. Heaven knows, the Left certainly has them. (Off the top of my head--Emanuel Cleaver pretending that people spit at him as he was entering the Capitol. That entire staged sit-in over gun control. Wendy pink Nikes Davis filibustering in Texas. Nancy Pelosi's entire existence.) On the Right, we need Congress people who are willing to drag Congressional Republicans kicking and screaming to the right, too. 

That said, I've been reserving judgment on our newest Congressman. It seems unfair not to give him the benefit of the doubt. This incident is hindering my resolve to do so.

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