Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Thundering Herd of RINOs Rebrands Again

Monday, August 24, 2020

Thundering Herd of RINOs Rebrands Again

Kansas's most famous thundering herd of RINOs is riding again, and their song and dance is starting to get a bit stale. Like the second verse of the lyrical masterpiece, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," the thundering herd is wearing out its welcome with its 98th reiteration of so-called Kansas Republicans for a Democrat™.

Today, Barbara Bollier announced endorsements from 75 "Republican" lawmakers and leaders. This most recent group of thundering RINOs isn't to be confused with the 27 Republican leaders who signed on to back Laura Kelly for Governor in 2014 or the Save Kansas Coalition of Republicans who formed to bloviate against Gov. Brownback in 2014, or the 46 Republicans who created Traditional Republicans for Common Sense in 2012 to advocate for "job creation and funding schools" be a thorn in the side of elected Republicans, or the 100 Republicans who signed on to back Paul Davis for Governor in 2014, or... you get the point. 

What attribute do nearly all of these named "leaders" share? Almost to a man (and woman) they are political has-beens and electoral losers, bitter that voters rejected their tired ideas in a primary election.

To Bollier's credit, at least she finally signed on to the party who shares her values of hostility to religion, gun confiscation, infanticide, and allowing men to compete against women in boxing. The same can't be said of the likes of Rochelle Chronister, Fred Kerr, Tim Owens, Lana Oleen, Sandy Praeger, Gary Sherrer, Steve Morris, and Jim Yonally who apparently retain their Republican credentials simply so they can sign on to some new "Republicans for Liberal Cause or Candidate" group every two years and maybe get their names in the paper once again. 

And their numbers grow when sitting officeholders lose Republican primaries. (Looking at you, Jan, John, Mary Jo, Tim, etc. You know who you are.)

It borders on embarrassing. 

(As someone who knows a thing or two about rejection, let me just offer this advice to the losers: Being graceful isn't easy. It isn't pleasant but you get to keep your dignity and your principles. It's worth so much more than having your name mentioned in a single news cycle.)

If you don't support any Republican policies and you don't support any Republican candidates (other than yourself when you dishonestly place yourself on the ballot as such), should you call yourself a "Republican?" Asking for a friend.

For what it's worth, this sham has gone national. See rainbow-belted John Kasich. See Jeff Flake. See the shameful number of so-called Republicans holding on to relevance with a death grip by publicly endorsing Joe Biden for President. Here's a tip: It is possible to not really like the Republican at the top of the ticket and just keep your mouth shut instead of pimping for the other guy. I've done it so many times I feel like I deserve the Best Political Filter Award pretty much every two years. (Man, if that award came with a cash prize... hello, beach house and private yacht.)

Unfortunately, the national Republicans are only exacerbating the problem this year by deciding not to have a platform. Instead, our party has opted for "Whatever Trump Thinks." This is a terrible, terrible idea. Elected officials should know the platform and fear wandering off the reservation. If we're to be the party of principles rather than a cult of personality, we need a platform. 

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