Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback's admission

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brownback's admission

Well, well, well. Gov. Brownback has decided to admit that he is in fact involved in primary elections.

I can't decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Mostly, I think it's despicable that he lied about his intentions in the first place. The Governor has every right to jump into the primary elections. In fact, he should loudly and proudly proclaim the candidates he likes and endorses.

But don't lie about it. Don't say you're going to do one thing -- stay out of the primaries -- and then do another. That's the kind of behavior that gives politicians a bad name.

Of course, Brownback never actually stayed out of the primaries. He's been working behind the scenes for months -- also gross. But at least now he's moved out of the proverbial back alley and now is voicing his support in broad daylight.

"Because of the alliance in the state senate between Democrats and some Republicans that join together to promote a Democrat agenda, the primary has effectively become the general. Therefore, I am going to be involved in a limited number of primaries," the Governor told the Topeka Capital Journal.

Now the only thing left for the Governor to do is admit his involvement isn't limited to a few select races. His dirty hands are all over every race across the state. At one point, I would've called Brownback's hands clean, but not today.

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