Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Mo' dumber, Mo' dumber

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mo' dumber, Mo' dumber

I know. This blog is supposed to be about Kansas politics, and mostly it is.

But as I live in the eastern part of the state, it's difficult to ignore the behemoth of dumb to our east -- Missouri. And if the Show Me Staters were ever to get together and elect a Queen of Dumb...

Oh wait. They have. Her name is Claire McCaskill. Not that we need any additional evidence that her intelligence level is about one I.Q. point beneath a drum-playing monkey sidekick, but for good measure, Claire kicked the more dumb up a notch higher with this gem in the Atlantic:

One of my favorite columnists is Barbara Shelly, at the Kansas City Star. 
And there you have it. McCaskill is getting her political insight about the western half of the state from the Star's Barbara Shelly.


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