Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Dems' sacrificial lamb -- 2014 edition

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dems' sacrificial lamb -- 2014 edition

So, there's going to be an election for Kansas governor in 2014. Short of a dead puppy or young boy sex scandal, there is no way on earth Gov. Sam Brownback loses the race. 

And so it is with great anticipation that political watchers are wondering -- who will the Democrats offer up as a sacrificial lamb in 2014? 

 Like a delicate lamb headed to slaughter, I give you Paul Davis. Davis currently serves as the minority leader of the Kansas House. He's from Lawrence. (The fact that I know he's planning to run officially makes this THE WORST KEPT SECRET in all of history.)

I can count the Democrats with whom I am a confidante on no hands.

All of the signs of an impending sacrifice to the lords of Kansas politics were there: Davis completed some bizarr-o world listening tour this year. 

And he's been everywhere -- EVERYWHERE -- rallying the troops. To the casual observer, it might appear that Davis is everywhere because there are a total of two Democrats in Kansas, and he's one of the duo. But to the trained political eye, it was obvious he was gearing up for a big run.

Well, let me throw it out first, the only things missing in this sacrifice are a white dress and virginity. He's taking the reins of the Kansas Democratic Party and running his horse right into the volcano -- or something like that.

Strangely, I hear the Democrats feel confident about his chances. Which makes me feel like cooking them some soup or sending them flowers, because this pony show is going to end badly for Paul Davis. 

A quick recap of 2010: Tom Holland, the Democratic candidate for governor, was sent through the sausage machine and his extremities were sent to the far corners of the state as a warning to others. Well, not exactly. But Holland lost. Hugely. It was Brownback in a landslide with almost 64 percent of the votes. Holland received 32 percent. 

On a positive note, Holland outright won Douglas and Wyandotte Counties, so there's that. And I fully expect Davis will do a little better due to Brownback fatigue. Heck, I'm sick of Brownback, too. 

That doesn't mean I'd vote for a Democrat though, and neither will any other conservative of conscience. That said, Davis may collect a few more votes in Johnson and Sedgwick Counties, but beyond those two? That's his ceiling. If 2012 is any indication, Kansas is MORE conservative than it was in 2010. And Davis is Nancy Pelosi minus the botox. 

But my Democratic friends are confident. Because hope springs eternal?? (I suspect their confidence comes from a lack of common sense. I mean, these are people who bought that "Hope and Change" thing TWICE so...) But if asked, they'll tell you their confidence comes from a little thing called Dennis Moore's campaign contributors. 

Whatever helps them sleep at night. 

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