Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A bureaucrat has a birthday

Monday, July 22, 2013

A bureaucrat has a birthday

In the future, July 22 may become a statewide holiday. 

It's Bob Dole's birthday, you see, and politicians and wannabes are fawning all over themselves to offer praise to the former state senator on his 90th birthday. (Conservatives, check your Facebook feed, you'll see what I mean.)

An example? Here's Rep. Kevin Yoder's status:

"Today we wish a very Happy 90th Birthday to Senator Bob Dole. Senator Dole embodies the spirit of service above self and has spent his life devoted to making our state and country better."

Um. Not exactly. While I admire Dole's service to our country in World War II, that's not why we know his name today, and it's certainly not why every public official in the state is bowing at the altar of Bob Dole today.

No, they're cheering his decades of "service" in the U.S. Congress.  It gives me the heebie jeebies. 

I do NOT understand why we praise politicians for winning elections. I mean, good on them, but it's not exactly jumping on a landmine to save a friend. U.S. Senators belong to one of the most prestigious and wealthy clubs in the entire world. Once elected, their job -- which is actually winning elections, but I digress -- involves grandstanding and knocking down anything standing between them and a television camera.

When Senators arrive in Washington, most probably have something that passes for principle. But once they've been there a few years, their entire universe appears to revolve around getting the mainstream media to call them "thoughtful" which in normal people speak means stabbing conservatives in the back. Trust me on this: Dole's knife drawer at home is missing several slicers.

Back when Dole was a Senator, he was of the willing establishment -- penning bad deals for Americans alongside the Democrats. He raised taxes, because heaven knows if there's one place running short on cash in this country, it's the hallowed hallways in Washington, D.C. Dole's "deals" lead Newt Gingrich to deem Dole "the tax collector for the welfare state."

We last heard from Sen. Bob Dole in December of last year.  That's when the frail, wheelchair bound media sensation took to the Capitol to lobby for the U.S. signing a U.N. treaty on disabled rights. It was a terrible idea
Before that, we heard from Bob Dole advocating for "healthcare reform" in 2009. So that was helpful, because the resulting ObamaCare is really becoming a point of national pride. On a positive note, Dole's healthcare reform lobbying earned him the praise of the New York Times.

I am more than happy to highlight the selfless acts of World War II veterans. I am continually in awe of their service. They truly saved the world. But Bob Dole didn't do it alone, and in the meantime, he profited handsomely from his "service" in the U.S. Capitol.

I do not understand bowing at the altar of bureaucrats. They are more than compensated for their efforts. 

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