Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Brownback less popular than Obama?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Brownback less popular than Obama?

In Kansas? I haven't conducted any polls, but if you believe PPP's latest poll results, you should pass around whatever you're smoking.

The PPP poll, released today, suggests that Gov. Sam Brownback trails Democratic challenger Paul Davis; That Brownback's approval ratings are 33 percent (compared to Obama's 34 percent and to Sebelius' 38 percent!!!! Say, what?) and that Davis would capture 23 percent of the Kansas GOP vote.

I'm simply not buying it. There are definite signs that the poll is dramatically skewed. For starters, the poll takers were 53 percent women and 47 percent men. Highly, highly unlikely.

And then there are just insane findings. See the Sebelius finding above. According to the PPP poll, her approval ratings are higher than the President's and the Governor's, yet she would lose dramatically if she were to run for U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, a highly conservative electorate thinks the Kansas Supreme Court should determine how Kansas schools are funded.

It's pretty obvious that the vast majority of this poll is so much wishful thinking on the part of Democrats. That said, the pollsters note a marked decline in Brownback's approval ratings since their last poll, back in October. 

It's pretty obvious that Brownback needs to step up his game, lest he win in an embarrassingly close race in very red Kansas.

Results of the poll are here.

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