Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Should Brownback be afraid?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Should Brownback be afraid?

Probably not.

But Brownback probably shouldn't be complacent either. That's the takeaway from news that Rothernberg Political Report/Roll Call is moving the Kansas Governor's race from 'Safe Republican' to 'Republican Favored.' On a political map, it's the difference between dark red and pink. 

The report bases the move on an automated poll, Democrat candidate Paul Davis raising $1 million and on a group of moderate Republicans (ahem. We call them RINOs) threatening to oppose the incumbent governor.

The automated poll, conducted in last October, showed Brownback losing to Davis -- 39 percent to 43 percent. A January Republican poll revealed Brownback leading the race 42 percent to 31 percent.

Brownback is very likely to win, but there's room for doubt. And probably, hope, on the part of Democrats. Hope means more money, and more money means a tightening race.

Add to that the absolute disdain many grassroots conservatives feel toward Gov. Sam Brownback, and well, the Brownback campaign should be alarmed. (I'd like it personally, if Brownback truly felt threatened. Maybe then he'd drop some of the liberal-lite agenda he's been pushing. I mean, state funded all-day kindergarten? Why stop there when a case can be made for government-funded potty training?)

If the Democrats were able to field a decent candidate, they might have a real chance. Paul Davis isn't that candidate. He's a Democrat from the most liberal corner of Kansas, Lawrence. 

He's Nancy Pelosi without the Botox. That might sell in Lawrence, but I have trouble imagining the people in western Kansas buying. 

Still, Brownback shouldn't be laying around eating grapes fed to him by David Kensinger. There's work to do.


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