Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Pardon Me While I Clear Up Some Kobach Speculation

Monday, July 31, 2017

Pardon Me While I Clear Up Some Kobach Speculation

Politico and some other gossip mongers (pot, meet kettle) are suggesting Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is a possibility to replace Gen. John Kelly at Department of Homeland Security. Kelly started today as President Donald Trump's Chief of Staff leaving a gaping hole at the top of DHS.

In Politico's world, that means, "It may set the stage for a brutal confirmation fight if President Donald Trump tries to replace the retired Marine general with an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration instead of a seasoned bureaucrat or lawmaker." (I will spare you my very not-nice thoughts on seasoned bureaucrats and lawmakers. But ewww.)

I feel REALLY confident in saying the chances of Kobach accepting such a nomination when he's already announced his intention to run for Kansas Governor is about as likely as a man giving birth to a child. (Sorry. Not sorry.)  Kobach has a pretty clear path to the Republican nomination for Kansas Governor. For a lot of reasons, I don't see Kobach stepping out of that race. I have no special insider knowledge, but I have common sense.

Kobach is in the process of building a house--in Kansas. He has a wife and a lot of young daughters. I don't see them just picking up and moving to the swamp right now. There's also the not inconsequential Senate confirmation requirement. With Republicans like John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, I don't think Kobach's confirmation would be assured. Kobach isn't politically stupid. Why risk the damage when he can hang among his Kansas fans?

Kobach was in the Sunflower State all weekend. He stopped in at the Douglas County Republican Party picnic and gave his Governor campaign speech. 

The speculation about Kobach accepting a nomination to DHS is a whole lot of wishful thinking. Like the idea of a man giving birth, liberals in the media believe if they have enough feelings maybe they can make it so. Politico and the Washington Post and the Kansas City Star, are doing everything they can to capsize Kobach's gubernatorial run. The fact that they are giddy about the DHS nomination proves as much. 


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