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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If you're a Democrat

You're obviously not very bright.
But if you're a Democrat in Kansas, your level of idiocy borders on legen (wait for it) dary.
Kansas is clearly, and mercifully Red Country. (The TV talking heads using red for Republican states on Electoral College maps seems particularly cruel when students of history all understand it's the Dems who are Commie red, but I digress.) By red, I mean we're conservative. To its credit, the state boasts the most conservative Congressional delegation in the nation.

This is all to say that being a Democrat in Kansas is a lot like being a camel in the Artic Circle -- cold and lonely.

In almost a fifth of the races in the Kansas House, there is a single Republican candidate. In another 17 seats, there are only Republicans challenging for the seat. By Aug. 7, those seats will be decided. And that's not counting the tens of other seats that although contested by a Democrat, have just about zero chance of actually going to the Democrat candidate.

And so, I find myself appalled that the Kansas National Education Association -- the teacher's union -- has just now figured out that their members should register as Republicans. Last week, an email from a union member to other members urged teachers to change their voter registration from Democrat to Republican in order to vote in Republican primaries.
The author of the blog I linked to above, Wichita Liberty,  appears to be disturbed that the teacher's union would sink so low. I'm disturbed that the union hasn't been telling its members all along to register as Republicans in Kansas.

I mean, this is a no-brainer. These people are teaching our children, and they're just now figuring out the simple political fact that in Kansas, you're either a Republican or a non-entity.

The wise Democrats figured this out years ago. (John Vratil, call your office.) The few remaining Democrats in Kansas are either too principled (yeah right) or too dumb to simply switch parties.

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