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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stupid story alert

The publicly-owned radio station in Kansas City, PRAVDA-AM, has a story on its web site today, "God, Politics and Sam Brownback."

I read a lot of meaningless, stupid, biased stories every day, but this one deserves a special roasting seat in Dante's Sixth Circle. (That's the circle reserved for heretics, right?)

I think the author is trying to suggest that Brownback is overly religious and that everyone hates him for it. For example, she writes about him moving "casually and affably among public and corporate officials at a recent groundbreaking for AMC Theaters in Leawood, a suburb of Kansas City" and mucking it up about wind credits.

 (Wind credits are disgusting, but that's not the point of this post, so..)  Later that same day, the author writes, Brownback (or policy preacher, as she calls him.. HUH? Isn't that ALL politicians?) presents his tax plan to CPAs, and apparently the writer then questioned the women in the audience about abortion.

"...from the women in the audience, there was almost uniform concern about his agenda on reproductive rights." Unless there were only two women in the audience at this "wonky policy power point presentation for CPAs," how on earth did this "reporter" gauge opposition for Brownback's stance on abortion?

The reporter interviewed two women in attendance who somehow just started talking about their wombs.

Look, I'm not saying the mere mention of Sam Brownback doesn't make me instantly think of my ovaries -- especially when he starts in on talking about tax cuts and wind credits. I'm simply saying this reporter imagined a story about a preachy Kansas Governor and then tried to fit what few facts she could find into her preconceived notion of Gov. Sam.

It simply isn't true. I've attended more events in which Brownback was a speaker than I care to mention or remember. And only once, at a prayer breakfast, do I remember the Governor praying or preaching about God or his Catholicism. Yes, he's a Christian. And yes, he sometimes mentions it, but to suggest he's running around evangalizing at Chamber events, is well, dishonest.

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