Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kudos to JCRP leadership

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kudos to JCRP leadership

The Johnson County Republican Party deserves applause for their handling of a very contentious primary season. Because the leadership of JCRP is filled with humans, they obviously have their preferred candidates.

But you wouldn't know it when you step into the office and request assistance or information. The volunteers and the leadership at the JCRP headquarters have been professional and friendly to every campaign. I've heard nary a complaint from anyone.

While the state party, (Ahem. Amanda Adkins) has all but taken sides, the JCRP has held itself to a higher standard agreeing to assist any and all Republican candidates as they campaign. That is the proper course. There is nothing wrong with moderates attempting to work within the existing political system to move the Republican Party to the left. (I disagree with them and wish them nothing but failure in their efforts, but this is the nature of politics.) I adore and support the efforts of Tea Partiers and Liberterians to push the party in their direction, but no one has a monopoly on this party. This is one reason we're better than the Democrats. We don't shy away from a debate.

Ronnie Metsker, chair of the Johnson County Republican Party, sent a JCRP newsletter today asking county party members to support the winning candidates after the primary. This is, of course, easier said than done when it's certain hard feelings will remain long after the polls close. But it is necessary if we hope to accomplish anything other than simply getting people elected in the long term.

He writes: "Watching the Olympics this week, I was struck with a similarity of the Games to our Primaries.  The prelims temporarily alters teammates into opponents. Think Phelps vs. Lochte. Think of the amazing Fab Five USA Women Gymnasts competing for the two spots in best-all-around.  For a time, they were in opposition to each other.  Indeed, the primary is like an Olympic Prelim where the winner advances, the rest of the TEAM cheers and supports them to the medal stand. (Cue the national anthem.)

As we come to the close of the primary, I call on our Jo Co Republican TEAM to come together to support the winning candidate in our Primary.  If we do not, we will likely implode.  The other side would love to see us bickering, fussing, embittered, unforgiving and divided.  We must conquer this challenge.  We must come together.  Whoever wins, must count on the support of everyone, after the vote tally is posted."

I have never been a Ronnie Metsker fan. He's not as conservative as I would personally like him to be. But his efforts on behalf of the county party have typically been spot on.  

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