Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): The Democrats think Yoder should resign...

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Democrats think Yoder should resign...

It's a real knee slapper.

The Democrats are rich. Truly, truly rich. Here, the Kansas Democrats express their disgust at Yoder for dropping trou at the Sea of Galilee.

Joan Wagnon, Chair of the Kansas Democrats, is demanding that Yoder step down. This is ridiculous.
I don't recall the Kansas Democrats calling for the resignation of President Bill Clinton, after he used a White House intern as a semen receptacle.

I also don't recall indignation from the Kansas Democrats when one of their respected activists was arrested and prosecuted for kiddie porn, although to their credit, they have scrubbed that guy's name from just about every Democratic cause in the state, they never issued a press release on the topic.

And to date, I have yet to see a press release demanding that the current president release documents about Fast and Furious -- an actual crime.

To watch them work, you'd assume the Democrats have absolutely no standards at all. Elizabeth Warren can lie about her heritage; Barney Frank can run a male escort service from his house; John Edwards can father a child with a mistress and lie about it while his wife battles terminal cancer; and presidents can lie under oath and to the American people.

I'm glad to see they do draw a line in the sand -- no skinny dipping.

Here are Wagnon's ridiculous comments:

Rep. Kevin Yoder’s grave error of judgment calls into question whether he is fit to serve Kansas and our nation. It is beyond inappropriate for a sitting Congressman, acting in his official capacity, to strip naked in the presence of other Congressmen and their families. Rep. Yoder should step down immediately and not subject Kansas to any further embarrassment.
As a Kansan, I am embarrassed and disappointed in Rep. Kevin Yoder’s unprofessional and immature behavior.  Rep. Yoder’s poor decision-making reflects poorly on himself and Kansas. We deserve more from our elected officials than these childish antics.
It’s also no surprise that this occurred on a special interest-sponsored vacation. It appears that Rep. Yoder is fitting right into the Washington D.C. tradition of taking lavish trips while ignoring the difficult issues facing his constituents here in Kansas.

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