Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): As expected, it's Sciolaro

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As expected, it's Sciolaro

As  anticipated, Vicki Sciolaro will chair the Third District Republican Party. Gavin Ellzey will take be second-in-command. Arlene Krings will serve as Secretary and Shawn Shipp is treasurer. All candidates were elected via acclimation.

All told, there were more people at this re-organization meeting than I expected. It was a fairly packed house. Rep. Kevin Yoder and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer gave speeches and did some schmoozing, but it was otherwise largely uneventful. It was far less painful than the county party re-organization which dragged on for what seemed like a lifetime.

The Johnson County Republican Party released a list of delegates to the state committee this afternoon, so you've probably already seen this, but just in case:

This list is interesting for a variety of reasons, but I don't have the time right now to get into it. Stay tuned. Mostly, the list strikes me as slightly more conservative than in previous years. I think that's a good thing, but there are what I would call a few Todd Akin-types on here.

I have nothing against Todd Akin, but that guy's ability to talk to the issues in ways that didn't make most people shudder was legendary. There are several of that ilk on this list. I can't go much further into it without giving myself away, trust me, they're here.

And now I've laid down a marker so I can later say, See!

Third District State Delegates
alpha order
(Johnson County)
Chad Bettes
Bill Biollot
Mike Brown
Mary Kay Culp
Cynthia Daugherty
Jim Denning
Marearl Denning
Gavin Ellzey
Tim Golba
Beverly Gossage
Amanda Grosserode
Nancy Hanahan
Lloyd Hanahan
Karl Hansen
Leah Herron
Barbara Kriegshauser
John Dennis Kriegshauser
Arlene Krings
David Lightner
Earl Long
Michael McGovern
Ronnie Metsker
Susan Metsker
Kay O'Connor
Mike Pirner
Alex Poulter
Doris Riley
John Ruben
Leslie Schmidt
Charles Sciolaro
Vicki Sciolaro
Stephen Shute
Greg Smith
Missy Smith
Yvonne Starks
John Toplikar
(Miami County)
Jack Burcham
(Wyandotte County)
Thomas Barnes
Patricia Stoneking

Third District Alternate Delegates
alpha order
(Johnson County)
Nancy Beverage
Shenon Bone
Marla Brems
Kimberly Brown
Dale Chaffee
Shawn Cowing
Greg Cromer
Robyn Essex
Robert Gossage
Alice Hansen
Anne Hodgdon
Brandon Kenig
Maryteresa Kissell
Gary Krings
Patricia Lightner
Michele Lockwood
Craig McPherson
Michael Moore
Barbara Oakes
Mark Rinke
Roberta Rubin
Rachel Sciolaro
Lynsey Sciolaro
David Seldner
Stephen Sipp
Ken Smith
Linda Steinbrink
Chad Tenpenny
Thomas Treacy
Mary Ann Waldenmeyer
Carl Walston
Edna Wheeler
Larry Wolf
Milton Wolf
(Miami County)
David Miller
(Wyandotte County)
Shawn Shipp
Joe Ward

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