Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Mods are up again

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mods are up again

Last week, I theorized that the new political group deeming itself "Moderate Kansas" was the brain child of liberal Republicans disappointed in the decidedly conservative turn of events during last August's Republican primaries. (The mods lost, overwhelmingly.)

A handy, anonymous researcher posted here that error of my thinking. It appears "Moderate Kansas" was created to raise the Kansas Democrats from the ashes. The group's website is registered to Aaron Estabrook, a Manhattan Democrat. You can find a little more about him here. (Long story shorter -- he's for women's rights, education and fair taxes. These are all code words for raging liberal.)

But, not to despair, you Democrats in Elephants' Clothing, err RINOs. It appears the Kansas moderate Republicans are doing some planning on their own. I can't take the credit for this find either. I got the information via email from an informant. (Not sure if he'd like to be named or not, so I'll maintain his anonymity.)

He learned that political action committee, Kansas Traditional Republican Majority Political Action Committee, is essentially made up of the players for the Senate Republican Leadership  Committee. (SRLC)

The SRLC was chaired by Stephen Morris, the former President of the Kansas Senate, in 2009. Last November, the group's statement of organization was amended to make Ryan Wright of Topeka the chairperson and treasurer.

Two weeks later, the Kansas Traditional Republican PAC amended its statement of organization to name Ryan Wright the chairperson and treasurer.

I have not had time to really do my due diligence on either of these groups, so I can offer no opinion on what any of it means. But, I'll say this: I'm sure meaning exists there.

The RINOs will be back, though their numbers were decimated in the last election, there are still a few in the Kansas Legislature.

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