Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Let's talk about Bob

Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's talk about Bob

Apparently, Rep. Bob Montgomery has decided to continue his "work" in Topeka. I use the term "work" loosely, because he only recently started showing up at the Capitol. When the session first started, Montgomery was absent.

However, he stopped in this week to tell Kansas City Star reporter, Brad Cooper, that he no longer plans to resign.

Cooper posted on Twitter on Jan. 24: "As it turns out, Rep. Bob Montgomery of Olathe says he's not resigning from #ksleg. Says he will work through personal matters."

Um. OK.

Someone should probably tell the Olathe Republican Party that, then. According to their website, scheduled speakers at their next meeting, set for Jan. 31, include Erin Davis and Mike Kiegerl, "candidates for the 15th District."

I've speculated in the past about the Bob Montgomery situation, so I'll spare you the recap. The people of Olathe should be very angry about Montgomery's actions over the course of the past month.

And someone should probably ask Sen. Julia Lynn about it. I'm sure she has an opinion as the race is in her district.

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