Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): On a lighter note... Schodorf

Monday, January 14, 2013

On a lighter note... Schodorf

Former Sen. Jean Schodorf has left the Republican Party. (I mean, my crystal ball didn't see that one coming. Just kidding. It totally did.)

She's mad because she lost her Republican primary to a more conservative challenger. But she said: The Democrat party is "creating jobs and solving the problems of the debt and keeping our nation solvent."

Hold on. My sides are absolutely aching from laughing so hard. She's, she's, she's, ... one more minute. Let me catch my breath.

OK. Whew! That's a good one.

Her new plan is to influence public policy with a blog. I'm sorry. Give me a minute again. (Wipes away a tear.)

From a quick read-through of "Our Kansas Voice" it looks like her writing partner, former Sen. Dick Kelsey, is going to be writing about his grandchildren, so this should be really entertaining. (Up next week: Junior tries solid food!)

Not really. They're going to "provide an independent forum to talk about issues in the legislature and opposing solutions from the greased agenda we will soon see." (I'm curious how they really know what's going to be on the upcoming agenda. I certainly don't. I've heard a lot of whispers, but nothing I'd call "greased.")

They also hope "to encourage and challenge citizens to get involved in the process."

I probably won't use that site to get involved or stay informed. But I'll definitely check it out when I need a good laugh.

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