Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): It was summer. I was busy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It was summer. I was busy

But now I'm back. I got a virulent monkey off my back. (Not drugs. A major deadline that COULD NOT BE MISSED).

Long story longer, the blog is about to kick into high gear. Well, at least out of neutral and into drive.

• I am sad I missed the opportunity to comment (when it was relevant) on the Caleb Stegall appointment. He's fine. But let's not kid ourselves: That was an uber-political appointment.

Rumor has it there were more highly qualified conservative candidates available for the role, but politicians gotta politic, and being a hired member of Team Brownback has its longtime rewards.

• I also missed most of the controversy about the special legislative session. Those loveable Dems -- always finding a moment to drum up irritation even when none is warranted.

You'll note that the Hard 50 legislation passed overwhelmingly.

I never really believe politicians when they talk about urgency. I've taken classes on negotiating, and I know that the best way to get the deal you want is to make it seem like what you're offering is a limited time deal.  But the massive support for the law change leads me to believe there may have been some necessity to change it when they did.

• Finally, I've arrived back on the scene just as the Kansas 2014 campaign begins to heat up. Yes, I've received the calls from the Brownback campaign to assist. Yes, I've been invited to fundraisers. I just can't bring myself to do either when the Democrats' chance to succeed in Kansas in 2014 is roughly the same odds of me winning the lottery. My time and money will be better spent in Missouri, where conservatives might have a teeny-tiny chance to win additional seats and offices.

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