Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Dude doesn't even look like a lady

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dude doesn't even look like a lady

Shouldn't the adults step in and shut this insanity down?

I can't even believe anyone is even entertaining this clown show: So a young dude has decided to start wearing a dress and a wig and demanding to be allowed to use the high school girls locker room.

Somehow, this school district is having a conversation about it. Um. There's not discussion. I don't care how what the kid's lawyers say. Lila -- who was probably not given that name at birth -- has a penis that he apparently wants to flop around in the girls locker room. 

I'm sorry. I can't call Lila a 'she' or a 'ze' until his biological appendage marking him as a man is removed. I'm sorry. At some point we have to draw a line, and well, that's where I'm drawing it. If I was in Lila's presence, out of politeness, I would refer to him as "she." Although it somewhat offends my sensibilities, I believe in civility. Lila apparently does not, however. The school made reasonable accommodations to deal with Lila's madness -- they were allowing Lila to use a private locker room. But that wasn't good enough. Everyone must offer complete buy-in to Lila's crazy.

Lila is the one in the wrong here. Completely. 100 percent. Even if she really actually was "born in the wrong body." Sometimes, you make accommodations for others, especially when you're outnumbered. Here's a small example: Sometimes I feel like using curse words, and in my own home, if I drop a hammer on my foot, I will swear. However, I do my best not to drop 'F' bombs in polite company, even when I want to. It's called being considerate and well, lady like. Lila should give it a try by using the private changing room provided to her.

I do not understand it. Seriously, I do not. Wear a dress. Wear a wig. Change your name, but do not expect the rest of the world not to notice the emperor is naked. Do not. Until Lila has a surgery, he should not be allowed in the girls locker room. He has a penis (and XY chromosomes). It's not a crazy standard to require that the people using the girls locker room not have one.

It is not bigotry or rude of parents or teenage girls themselves to not want a penis flopping around the girls locker room. Sorry for the crude visual, but that's the least crude way I can come up with to describe it.

By the way, this insanity isn't limited to Missouri. Dudes in dresses are using the girls bathrooms at Olathe East, and the school board recently drafted a transgender bathroom policy. (Bathrooms are a little different than locker rooms. I wouldn't be happy about my teenage daughter sharing a bathroom with a teenage boy in a dress, but I could probably live with it. The locker room is another story, however.)

I swear sanity has taken the last bus out of town. Just because you "feel" like a woman, that doesn't make you one. No one should have to explain this, but apparently that's where we're at. A dude in a dress is no more a woman than I am a man, because I'm wearing pants. 

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