Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): So John Brown's Ghost rides again

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So John Brown's Ghost rides again

Update: This guy claims to be John Brown's Ghost.  If true, I never saw that one coming. Lives in Wichita. Apparently works on aircraft and likes community theater.

Back in 2013, the Topeka Capital Journal outed Tyler Longpine as the tweeter known as @JohnBrownsGhost.

Longpine was a staff member of then House Majority Minority Leader Paul Davis, and so he issued an apology for saying not-so-nice things on Twitter. As I said at the time, the anonymous John Brown's Ghost account had approximately a dozen followers, and as there are a total of 5 Democrats in Kansas, it wasn't all that surprising that the then-anonymous tweeter was the staff of a Kansas Democrat. Five Democrats -- approximately 6 Democrat jobs in the state. You do the math.

Anyway, after Longpine's apology, the Twitter account went dark until June 2015. It's back under new management. It continues to be snarky and anonymous. I am too lazy to do try to determine if it is in fact Tyler Longpine back again. (Check and direct it. Let's begin.)

I have a short list of who I think is now running the @JohnBrownsGhost account, assuming Longpine did give up the ghost.

Longpine now serves as the state legislative director for the Teamsters. My short list includes: Levi Henry and Aaron Estabrook. (Suspects dwindling based on Twitter refutes.) Colin Curtis was also on my list until I learned he'd moved to Maryland. (Update: For what it's worth: @LeviHenry calls my suspicion, "stupidity," which is totally possible, I guess.)

For what it's worth, I don't really care who is running the account. Twitter is pretty useless for political discourse or turning the herd. 

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  1. Paul was the Minority not Majority Leader of the Kansas House