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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bias! From a reporter! In the Cap-J! About PP!

I realize I should comment on the content of this article from the Topeka newspaper, but I just can't get past the subtle and inappropriate bias. (Just in case you're wondering how I feel about the issue of abortion: unapologetically pro life.)

Yes, abortion is an emotionally-charged topic. On one side, you have people who recognize that an aborted fetus (their word -- not mine) is a living human being, and that to kill it is an assault on human life and human dignity. And on the other, you have a lot of damaged people, who can't allow their consciences to recognize that fact.

And into that, news organizations must drop unaborted humans to do the reporting. In this case, human allowed to breach the birth canal, Justin Wingerter writes about a letter from the Kansas Democrats, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas (you know what's a civil liberty? Being allowed to be born.), Equality Kansas and "more than a dozen other groups" to Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas congressional delegation. The letter defends the "women's health care provider." 

Can we STOP calling "abortion" health care? Please. That's like calling an elective boob job "health care." Come on. 

Frequent "health care" recipients

It's funny that these DOZENS of groups, probably with the same five members, sent a letter rather than a protest. Five people at a protest just isn't that persuasive.

Seven people show their support for PP in July.

Anyway, to report about abortion without bias, is probably a nearly impossible task. I have a heart for helping, so I'm going to help Cap J editors for next time. Americans deserve the real, unblemished truth, but they're certainly not getting it from traditional news sources. Well, never fear friends, I'm here to help.

Justin's story starts like this: 

After a bruising two months in which it faced a request for an investigation by Gov. Sam Brownback and repeated calls to cut its funding in Congress, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri retorted this week with assistance from the Kansas Democratic Party and liberal allies in the state.

Why, Justin? Why is Planned Parenthood having a grueling two months? Did Gov. Brownback just wake up a few months ago and decide to make mean comments about PP? 

You won't find the reason until the third paragraph. In that paragraph, Justin tells us about some videos "purporting to show Planned Parenthood executives profiting from the sale of fetal tissue."

Clearly, our Justin hasn't watched any of the videos. If he had, he would realize that's the least of the disgusting things in them. There's the part about intact fetuses babies falling out and being shipped like car parts (I don't really care who or if anyone made money on the transaction. Hint: They did, legal or otherwise.) Or the part where a "tissue procurement specialist" sifts through body parts and declares, "It's another boy!" as if she recognizes that she's not sifting through blobs, she's sifting through a human. There's the woman talking about slicing through the head of a fetus baby while his heart continues to beat. 

If nothing else, the sheer inhumanity of the people on the video is revolting and disturbing.

Justin doesn't bother describing anything that occurs in the videos, but he writes "Kansas conservatives, however, have offered no indication that they plan to squelch their rhetoric."

First, it's completely disingenuous to suggest that conservatives are the only people who have a problem with Planned Parenthood and its trafficking of human body parts (legal or otherwise).

Liberals of conscience, if such a thing exists, should be offended. At one time, it was actually possible to be pro life AND a liberal. Abortion didn't become a holy sacrament of the Democrat left until sometime in the '90s. (And then somewhere around that time, Al Gore and Rev. Jesse Jackson and a number of other D officials renounced their belief in the sanctity of human life.)

Justin repeats the fallacy that PP didn't use any of the $528 million it received in government funding last year on abortions. I don't know how dumb Justin thinks he is, but government funding for PP's valuable services like handing out pamphlets about mammograms subsidizes its actual business: providing abortions. Anyone who doesn't understand the financial concept -- money in the left hand pocket allowing space for a hand or money in the right hand pocket -- probably needs to take another basic math class.

And then for no reason at all, Justin drags up a legal battle that ended in 2012 in which KS and MO PP maintained proper paperwork on childhood rapes. The charges were eventually dropped. I am confused why this merited a mention, but Kermit Gosnell's clinic and trial did not. Both court cases seem just as relevant to Justin's topic.

He also mentions that a "Washington, D.C.-based" research firm, hired by Planned Parenthood determined that the videos were edited. I don't even... I wonder how much taxpayers paid for that. 

Almost every act of mainstream journalism these days is an act of brutal liberal bias. Justin and the Cap J editors should be embarrassed. I can almost guarantee you they are not. (And if they can't feel any amount of shame in that story, I have to ask, once again, why they can't find any womyn to write these stories. I thought people with ovaries were they only types who could understand these complicated issues.)



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  1. Ovaries or not, I'm glad we have you taking them to task. And what a nice job you did !