Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A Discouraging Word, like every single day

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Discouraging Word, like every single day

Yesterday, I asked, why even bother electing Republicans?

Today, I'd like to double down on that sentiment. Why bother electing ANYONE to the Kansas Legislature when we've got a state Supreme Court bursting at the seams to do the legislating?

I would like to reiterate, once more, for the permanent record, that I think these activist Justices are horrible, power hungry, awful people.

The Court's billionth foray into politics decision isn't out in the Gannon case yet, but I don't need it to know how they'll rule. It's so interesting political that the Court waited until budget time to release its decision. 


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  1. Just a miniature version of the Supreme Court in D.C.--shoving mandates down our throats--like corrupt gov't healthcare and new definitions of family and marriage !