Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Tax and Spender vs John Toplikar

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tax and Spender vs John Toplikar

Mike Brown, of Johnson County, apparently, is going to throw his hat in the ring for Johnson County Board of Commissioners. We last heard from Mike Brown in 2004 when he competed against John Segale for a seat on the commission.

Brown, then of Lenexa, lost. Now word on the street is that he intends to run against John Toplikar in the 6th District.

Good luck with that. 

Here’s what little I could find about Mike Brown on the Facebook and other super sleuthing places – he supported Eilert’s last bid for commission chair.

Eilert has been a disaster and I mean YUUUGE disaster. With Patricia Lightner as commission chair, we do not own King Louie. With Patricia Lightner as chair, county property taxes aren’t increased by 14 percent in ONE YEAR.

Worse, rumor has it that not only did Mike Brown support Eilert, Brown was also supportive of the purchase of King Louie itself. This purchase is quite possibly the dumbest, least supported action in Johnson County history.

So Mike Brown – whoever he is – is dropping from the north to I guess save southern Johnson County from conservative principles. Um. Good luck, dude.

If ever there was a legislative district tailor made for a candidate, I give you Johnson County’s 6th District and its commissioner John Toplikar. The 6th is the kind of district where people proudly display testicles on their truck hitches. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) The 6th District is a place where Congressman Kevin Yoder debates whether he needs a passport. It's conservative in a boots wearin', whiskey drinkin', way. 

I hear Brown intends to run against Toplikar’s inattentive constituent services. I’m pretty sure that’s been tried once before – by an incumbent. 

A quick rehash: Calvin Hayden, a former sheriff’s deputy ran against Toplikar in 2008. Hayden narrowly squeaked out a victory, but only after a sign stealing controversy. Fast forward four years: Toplikar ran against incumbent Calvin Hayden, who I thought was well liked and popular.

Not popular enough. Toplikar cleaned Hayden’s clock. And seriously, Toplikar did it with a few homemade signs and I don’t know what. Toplikar won decisively.

There’s a chance I suppose. But there’s also a chance that I could be bitten by a shark while delivering octuplets in a pond in western Kansas. 


  1. Jason Osterhaus is the teenage daughter you never had. Mike Brown is the special needs friend of that teenage daughter.

  2. Mike Brown told the county commissioners in Emails that he will hire teenagers to walk 5,000 doors in the district. Problem is, there are more like 25,000 doors. Told the commissioners and the public that developers want taxes and fees increased. Weird person. Brown also is afraid to admit who he's running against. Just saying "6th District" on his Facebook posts. Toplikar will destroy Mike Brown.

  3. Mike Brown will win, you haters will see. Funny the guy Brown is running against had ZERO supporters with him at last weekend's event. As well that guy has raised ZERO dollars. Sounds like ZERO is his number

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