Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Confusingly, Bob Drummond

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Confusingly, Bob Drummond

The least covered board with a ginormous budget is about to be one member short.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Bob Drummond will resign from the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees. This means members of the board will select his replacement.

They've dropped the ball on this one in the past. The board had an opening in 2013, when then Trustee Melody Rayl resigned from her seat on the body. 

Trustees selected Bob Drummond, a previous member of the board, to replace Rayl then. In doing so, they overlooked former state Sen. Karin Brownlee. (They had 13 applicants and interviewed four people, including Brownlee, Drummond, Michael Lally and Steven Wolf.)

I'm not saying Drummond is a bad guy. He's fine. But I Brownlee would have brought a more conservative voice to the big spending JCCC Board of Trustees. 

I'm sure they'll replace Drummond with some Johnson County old money. The JCCC Board of Trustees is where Johnson County's elite go to serve out the remainders of the careers and offer jobs to their supporters. 

It will be interesting to see who applies for the gig and interesting to see who the board selects to replace Drummond. I'll be one of the few people who takes notice, unfortunately. 


  1. They will never pick Karin, she is too conservative for them.

  2. Karin would vote for more tax increases at JCCC. What world does Gidget live in? Karin campaigned with Bailout Bob Regnier for the wasteful bermuda triangle tax in 2008. She supported the 35% sales tax increase last year in Olathe for "roads" with Mike Copeland.