Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kansas Electors to Vote Trump Today--Watch It Live!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Kansas Electors to Vote Trump Today--Watch It Live!

Any Kansans paying attention this year can probably name at least half of Kansas members of the electoral college. Kansas Democrats may even be able to tell you their home and email addresses, work phone numbers and favorite colors. Kansas electoral college members are: Kelly Arnold, Clay Barker, Ron Estes, Mark Kahrs, Ashley McMillan, and Helen Van Etten. These Republican rock stars have been getting a lot of press of late, as they have been receiving avalanches full of demands from people imploring them to vote for someone other than Trump.

The requests are laughable. Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of that group of Kansas six knows that the people sending these requests are barking up the wrong tree. That won't stop people from protesting when the group meets in Topeka at noon today to cast their votes. 

McMillian, the vice chair of the Kansas Republican Party, wrote about the mail she's been receiving for the Wall Street Journal. It also appears that Martin Sheen--a guy who played a President once on a television show--created a video asking "Mr. McMillan" not to vote for Trump. Ze said ze's faithful to Trump in the WSJ opinion piece. We'll see what ze does today. 

Arnold serves as the chair of the Kansas Republican Party. He says Perez Hilton, the fashion and Hollywood style blogger, sent him a request. You almost can't throw an elbow without hitting a television station or news outlet that's interviewed Arnold.

You can watch the Kansas electoral voting live, courtesy of a Facebook page crafted by state treasurer Ron Estes. Estes has also done several interviews. Clay Barker, the executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, and national committee man and committee woman Mark Kahrs and Helen Van Etten haven't been interviewed quite as often as the Arnold,  McMillan, and Estes, though they're repeatedly mentioned. 

Members of the electoral college will cast votes today in state capitals around the country, but their votes will not be formally counted until January 6. 

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