Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kleeb Will Resign

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kleeb Will Resign

Rep. Marvin Kleeb, Overland Park, has announced he will resign from the Kansas Legislature. He was re-elected fairly handily last November and didn't have a primary opponent. 

It was rumored prior to the election filing deadline that he was looking for a candidate to run in his stead. That never panned out. Republican precinct men and women of the 48th district will meet at some point in the near future to name his replacement. 

A rumor about Kleeb resigning began circulating a few weeks ago, but apparently the decision wasn't set in stone until House leadership requested a final word. Kleeb would likely have served as chair of an important committee. Now House Speaker Ron Ryckman will be hard pressed to find another experienced Representative to head either the Tax Committee, of which Kleeb was chair last session, or Appropriations.

In my opinion, the music hasn't yet stopped on the game of musical chairs in the Kansas Legislature. Many seasoned Republicans are likely dreading the challenges that await them come January. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration may still have some Kansans under consideration for roles in Washington. And it isn't just appointments by the President-elect that could pull people to D.C. 

There are still rumors that Sen. Susan Wagle will vie for the seat that Congressman Mike Pompeo will vacate once the Senate confirms his move to intelligence director. If Secretary of State Kris Kobach or Gov. Sam Brownback are receive appointments in the new administration, members of the Kansas Legislature are likely to backfill the Kansas openings.

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