Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Replacing Kleeb--A Meeting and the Voters

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Replacing Kleeb--A Meeting and the Voters

This just in: Congressman Tim Huelskamp will not vie for the seat soon to be vacated by state Rep. Marvin Kleeb. Kleeb announced his intention to resign from the Kansas Legislature, and the Republican men and women of the 48th district will choose his replacement. 

Unconfirmed, there are 26 precinct positions in 13 precincts, but only 18 of those slots are filled. The meeting to replace Kleeb is tentatively scheduled for December 22. Say what you want about Republicans--but they work fast! Official notice has not yet been sent.

I do not know who will vie to replace Kleeb, but I can say that the following precinct people will have a vote should they choose to attend the meeting. They are:

  1. Steve Klika (county commissioner)
  2. Christopher Waldschmidt (once a candidate against Emily Perry)
  3. Laura Waldschmidt
  4. John Nelson (former vice chair of Kansas GOP Third District)
  5. Noelle Hodge (wife of Benjamin Hodge, former state representative and recent candidate for county commission)
  6. Steve Salter
  7. Carol Pettus
  8. Abraham Rafie (grassroots activist)
  9. Greg Cromer (grassroots activist)
  10. Loretta Miller
  11. Marvin Kleeb
  12. Patricia Kearny-Elder
  13. Jill Hartman
  14. John Hartman
  15. Karen Frederick
  16. Terrence Frederick
  17. Jay Reinhardt
  18. Kathleen Reinhardt
If all precinct roles were filled, there would be 26 voters. The county chair--Mike Jones--can appoint people into vacant precinct positions, but not after a vacancy has been announced.