Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Down low on the ballot

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Down low on the ballot

They're coming for your teeth. Or something.

Fair warning. I'm about to talk about something I know very little about, so bear with me.

In the Wichita area, voters will consider whether to increase the amount of fluoride in their water. This issue is completely beyond my comprehension.

Proponents and opponents of the move are arguing about the value of man-made versus natural chemicals. It's all very science-y and confusing. Here's a bit about it from the Wichita Eagle.

After reading several recent stories about the topic, I still have no idea exactly why or who is wanting to add more fluoride to the water. If I lived there, I'd vote against it.

All Kansans will also be asked to change the Kansas Constitution. The change would allow legislators instead of the Constitution itself to set the tax rates for registered boats in Kansas.

I voted to make the change, but I will be very surprised if it passes. I suspect most people heading into the polls won't even know about the amendment question until they are standing in the polling booth.

When that happens, I suspect most Kansans' default position will be 'no.' I know without understanding the question, I wouldn't be interested in changing the Constitution and a quick read of the question sounds as if the change is trying to institute additional taxes.

It isn't. Actually, the change will likely lead to lower personal property taxes on boats, but most voters aren't going to know that.

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