Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Guys, I am NERVOUS

Monday, November 5, 2012

Guys, I am NERVOUS

I am so nervous I am having trouble finding words, so this blog will likely be a little quiet until Thursday or Friday.

I'm terrified that Gov. Romney might not win the election tomorrow. I'm going to do some phone banking today and tonight. And then, I wish I could find an all-day Tuesday prayer revival in which we prayed in mass -- together -- for our country.

Instead, the political activists will probably spend the day doing final calling and poll watching and spend the evening dressed in cocktail attire (or close to it) trying to see and be seen. I guess it's all part of the political game and serves as a way to thank volunteers. But I'd rather my thanks come in the form of politicians actually getting in office and vocally, vigilantly working for conservative values.

Unfortunately, I think most of them are simply angling to be re-elected. The election never really ends. It's just becomes pandering in the off years.

And now, I've depressed myself.

The country needs your prayers. Mitt Romney needs your votes. The real work of holding our conservative winners accountable begins on Nov. 7.

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