Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): What next???

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What next???

Now that the Johnson County Republican Party is "re-organized," the grassroots folks of the party will soon be asked to select new leadership for Kansas' Third District.

I've now been through a few rounds Third District Delegation meetings, and well, I have trouble figuring out what it is exactly the Third District Delegation does. But, like all organizations, I guess it's kind of what you make of it.

Currently, Keith Esau is the chair of the Third District. He will now serve in the Kansas House and by all accounts has no plans to run for chair again. From what I can tell, his job as Chair entailed selecting which of the delegate alternates would be seated at the state convention.

The vice chair of the Third District is Missey Smith, wife of Sen.-elect Greg Smith. Esau initially had a slate of candidates he brought forward for leadership. His choice vice was Christie Kriegshauser. Smith was part of a second slate, and was nominated for vice chair after losing the chairmanship. (I'm working from faded memory here, so someone feel free to correct me in the comments if need be.) Anyway, Christie withdrew her name from consideration saying Smith would make a fine vice chair.

Crisis, or fight, averted, and we all moved on down the road. I can't even remember who serves as treasurer. (I think it's someone from the 'dotte. And I feel bad that I can't remember which person from the 'dotte. I mean, there aren't that many Republicans in Wyandotte County, right? I should be able to remember one guy's name!)

The secretary, I believe, is Vicki Sciolaro.

So long story longer, the goal of the Third District meeting will be to select new leadership and to select delegates to the state party. They will in turn select new leaders at the state party level, and then we'll all hold hands and sing hymns for two years until we do it all over again in 2014.

No word on a meeting date yet, though Keith Esau said something about the event being held on the evening of Dec. 14. That's a Friday, very, very near Christmas, so tens of people will probably be there. I'll go, but I'll hate myself for being there. I'd much rather be somewhere warm and fun drinking egg nog and singing Christmas carols with friends and family, but principles.

One candidate has stepped forward to seek chairmanship of the Third District -- Vicki Sciolaro. I do not know her well, but she's uber-involved. And, she made the list of both slates for delegates to the Third District from Johnson County, which is to say, she's either well-liked OR people think she'll bend to their will.

I'm just thrilled to see a woman stepping forward for the top job. I think they serve with much more graciousness and principle than men in general. Sorry dudes. It's not your fault. I'm sure it has something to do with nature and testosterone.

As with county party leadership, the vice chair must be of the opposite sex, and Gavin Ellzey has stepped forward seeking that role. I read his posts on Twitter (@GavinGOP) and find him to be something of a fire brand, which I like. I've met him once or twice, but can't say I know him well.

Sciolaro and Ellzey passed out flyers at the JCRP re-organization meeting announcing their candidacy. "Revitalize the 3rd District" their flyer reads. The flyer says their vision is to create a "benchmark for congressional party organizations across the United States -- a dedicated, innovative team that will create new opportunities for everyone to get involved while working closely with existing Republican organizations."

Sounds good to me!

If you hear of anyone else that intends to throw their hat into the ring, I'd like to know about it.

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  1. I can't imagine having two rival candidates end up as chair and vice chair was a positive thing, assuming they were different in some way? One needs a good team that works well together or even the most dedicated leader will be undermined or unable to get consensus to get things done. Recall we used to have the second place Presidential candidate become Vice President, that was such a problem that wise folks eventually changed it so candidates for those seats run as a team. I suppose two rivals could end up working well together, but as you say, we don't hear of the district doing much so perhaps the leadership team was good people but not a good fit as a team.

    I don't know enough about Vicki or Gavin to know if they'll be anything more than a lot of talk. It would be good if they are challenged, nothing worse than a coronation when the candidates have no track record as party leaders.