Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Department of Labor Shuffling

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Department of Labor Shuffling

There’s a hole at the top of the Kansas Department of Labor.

Back in September, Gov. Brownback sent former Sec. of Labor Karin Brownlee to the unemployment line.  Deputy Secretary of Labor Lana Gordon was given the nod, but only in the interim.

Still no word – not even a whisper as to why Brownlee was canned. I’ve got my own theories – specifically, when you board the Brownback train, you sit in your seat and keep your mouth shut. You so not attempt to help read the map or offer suggestions for scenic routes.

This is perhaps a character flaw in our ambitious Governor.  I suspect he likes to be surrounded by ‘yes’ men and women rather than trusting the judgment of those around him.

Anyway, rumor has it that despite their differences, Brownback offered Brownlee an olive branch in the form of an appointment to a well-compensated board. I think she said no, but this is third hand rumor,
so do with this information what you will.

And as for that hole at the top of the labor department? Brownback is said to be considering a soon-to-be former legislator who lost his election, largely as a result of redistricting snafus.

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