Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Aaron Jack crashes

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aaron Jack crashes

Tim Carpenter of the Topeka Capital-Journal weaves a compelling tale today about former Kansas Securities Commissioner Aaron Jack. (I take issue with Carpenter calling Jack a "tea party conservative." I would call myself one, and I am NOT claiming him.)

Jack was unceremoniously dumped from his role, or "resigned," from his post in February. Brownback Chief of Staff Landon Fulmer told the Journal:

"As a pattern of unprofessional behavior and disturbing employment practices emerged under Commissioner Jack, I demanded immediate changes. As a part of those changes, Commissioner Jack was given the opportunity to either resign immediately or be fired, and he chose to resign."
The newspaper piece waxes long about how Jack fired tons of people in the Kansas Securities Commissioner's Office and hired a bunch of political hacks to replace them. It's a nice story, but there are a whole lot of details missing.

First, readers should note that Brownback's aide publicly disses the former cabinet member. That simply didn't happen when former SRS Secretary Rod Siedlecki was shown the door.  

(Update -- a reader reminded me that Gov. Brownback himself criticized Siedlecki after the former SRS Secretary high-tailed it back to Florida. Brownback told the Star, "There are a lot of difficult things that he did. I think a number of them were good. I think a number of them were not as good appreciation for style, ways of doing things in the Midwest,” Brownback told the editorial board.)

Former Secretary of Labor Karin Brownlee was fired -- FIRED -- and even today, no one will say why. So the fact that Fulmer so brutally attacked a former Cabinet member in print says a lot more than the words themselves.

I believe the key words in Fulmer's statement were, "unprofessional behavior." 

Look, I've always said if you're going to gossip, come sit next to me. This blog is in the business of giving out information, but salacious gossip is a bridge too far -- even for this blog. I won't repeat the rumors, because I don't know if they're true. But I will say if Jack were a Democrat, his supporters would probably give him the Truman Good Neighbor Award.

Alas, Jack is not a Democrat, and neither am I. The rumors have been anonymously mailed to Republican activists across the state. So this fallout isn't over. Most obviously, Jack won't be running for Insurance Commissioner as previously planned

Something dark and dirty was bred in that office, and its tentacles may be quietly far-reaching.

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  1. Aaron Jack was and is the epitome of the Peter Principle. He is obsessed with perception of his clout and power. He ruined a great many people with no proof but and no due diligence making cruel comments to the people he tried to destroy. I am a believer in KARMA and I wish him nothing but he did to others and it began with forced resignation. Something dark and dirty was happening and the payback fir Jack will be a delight to see.