Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Judicial power struggle

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Judicial power struggle

Surprisingly, Kansas lawyers really don't like the idea of not having most of the power in Kansas. 

It's strange, I know. And now a plan that would change the way justices are appointed to the Kansas Supreme Court has hit a massive speed bump.

I almost can't stand to read about this topic, because the liberals' take on the issue is so breathtakingly unenlightened. They think allowing the Governor to appoint and Senate to approve "politicizes" the process.

Oh puh-lease. Currently, a bunch of lawyers sit around in a room and use "merit" to determine a list of attorneys from which the Governor must select a judicial appointment.

It's absolutely maddening that they toss around the word, "merit." As if by virtue of being attorneys and members of the Kansas Bar Association, they are better judges of merit than anyone else in the state. 

Long story, short: Our current system is really stupid and gives a disturbing amount of power to a bunch of ambulance chasers. The roomful of attorneys are not representative of the people, they aren't elected by the people, and Kansans have no ability to hold this roomful of lawyers accountable for their crappy nomination list.

Meanwhile, the Kansas Legislature and the Governor have wisely decided to look into the issue of Kansas' judicial selection process. They dropped the ball when they asked for the Kansas Bar Association's opinion.

Of course its members think the current system is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course they don't support changes to a system that handily gives them tons of power.

Negotiations between the KBA and legislators has stalled. Members of the Court are blaming Sen. Jeff King. Sen. King is demanding an apology.

I contend that this was always the KBA's endgame. The legislature does not need their permission to make changes, and they shouldn't have asked.        

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