Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Impasse

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I am not disgusted by the Kansas Legislature impasse. I don't like that there is a cost involved, but as Bob Weeks wrote a few days ago, "In Kansas, it's more important to be right than quick."

Getting it right means lowering the sales tax. I don't mind compromise, but when it comes to the budget, compromises are a problem.

There are rarely any compromises on things like what gets cut. Instead, the rate of tax increases are "compromised." 

That political reality means never-ending tax increases and spending. And I for one have had enough. The state of Kansas gets enough of my money. And I am a slave in regards to what they do with it.

If I had my way, not a single dime of my money would go to my public school district. But I'm a hostage in that regard. I don't mind paying for schools, but I have a real problem paying for schools with the express intent of brainwashing children into mindless drones, who can't think for themselves and revolt at the mere mention of Christianity. 

We're hostages and slaves to our government, and it's high time our representatives stood their ground. I am exceedingly proud of the House, even if their sole purpose for refusing to raise taxes is that they have to stand for re-election soon. Their motives matter much less to me than the end result.

Do I wish every House member would refuse to accept pay for the days they work beyond 90? Yes. But that's probably not a realistic expectation unless we want a legislature full of wealthy people. (The members of the legislature, on average, are much wealthier than the people they represent already.)

To the members of the House standing strong (right now, I hear the numbers are very, very close) I say thank you.  

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