Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Seppuku -- Paul Davis style

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seppuku -- Paul Davis style

To the surprise of well, no one, Rep. Paul Davis has officially announced his intention to run for Governor.

I know the suspense was just slaying so many of you. (Or not, because I told you so several months ago.)

And a scarce three weeks after I told you so, the Huffpo said Brownback might lose moderate Republicans to Davis.  You'll note, that even the guy writing his pieces from New Jersey via Twitter recognizes that Davis doesn't have a chance.

I, for one, admire Davis' tenacity. He's going to lose. Actually, he's going to get slaughtered. It's not even going to be kind of close -- or Kansas close -- it's going to be Mondale vs. Reagan circa 1984. 

Davis may win Lawrence, and a few people in Johnson County, Sedgwick and Wyandotte may have mercy on him, but the people in western Kansas (and by western, I mean everything west of Topeka) are going to laugh him off the stage. Repeatedly. And in ways that are going to make even hardened politicos uncomfortable.

I really feel for him. I don't understand why the Democrats can't just run some sort of write-in campaign or hire some rich donor from California to come in here and carpet bag. Davis is putting what teeny tiny bit of political capital he may have, and going all in knowing the highest card in his hand is a '4.' 

Davis chose to make his announcement via social media, where I'm sure it reached tens of people. Anyway, his official reason for falling on his swords for the Dems? He wants to "put Kansas back on track." By that, I'm pretty sure he means robbing hard working Kansans to bulk up the local indoctrination camps, erm. I mean public schools.

I'm much more likely to be struck by lighting while delivering octuplets than Paul Davis is to make Sam Brownback a one-termer.

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