Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): The Mystery Deepens (Or not)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Mystery Deepens (Or not)

Now that we know which Kansas Democrat will be walking the plank as gubernatorial candidate, only one question remains. No, the question isn't: Will it be close? Or who will win? No, the question is who will follow Paul Davis into the water?

Jill Docking
I give you Jill Docking. Docking served on the Kansas Board of Regents and has experience in getting a Sam Brownback beat down. She ran against Brownback for U.S. Senate in 1996, and it turned out a lot like I anticipate Kansas Governor Race 2014 will -- with a Brownback win.

Steve Kraske name-dropped Docking in a brief piece in yesterday's Kansas City Star. Speaking of the Star, please do check out the cute, wishful thinking Yael Abouhalkah. He thinks Davis (and Docking??) vs. Brownback/Colyer will be an interesting race. Liberals are so cute when they're hopeful.

By the way, Docking runs a blog. I'd check it out now, before she is named as co-captain of Team Losing. It'll be gone when that happens.

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