Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Obamacare, the pending shutdown and stuff I am so sick of...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Obamacare, the pending shutdown and stuff I am so sick of...

Shut It Down.

I don't even know why we're continuing to have this conversation. And yet, on the right we're parsing hairs on who will get blamed if a handful of bureaucrats has to be furloughed for half a second. Sorry, bureaucrats, I stopped caring about you approximately 10 years ago, and no amount of your whining is likely to change that.

I don't want to seem unsympathetic, but really. I am. Other than the military, you've lost me. You've absolutely lost me. So, the IRS is going to have to take a break from anal probing conservative organizations? I'm not going to lose one second of sleep over it. Not.a.single.second. I realize that IRS agents have families and obligations, but get in line. So does everyone else in America, and we fund your paychecks. We're broke. So if nothing else, the government shutdown will save us a few bucks. 

I've also had quite enough of the Republicans arguing about who is going to get the blame or credit for the government shutdown. I seriously can't believe these people. Rome is on fire, and you're arguing about whether the fat lady's singing should be in the key of A or G. How about you grab a hose instead, you Congressional bozos?

National Review's Jim Geraghty, who I typically adore, wrote a rambling e-letter today scourging those who would shut 'er down. He wrote:

Let's say the government shutdown goes on for a week. Then what? Is the Republican leverage strengthened? Is the Obama administration's position weakened? Is the calculation that Obama will accept a delay in the individual mandate after some period of tear-jerking coverage of military families? Two weeks? A month? How does the means (the shutdown) get us to the ends (stopping Obamacare)?
Is it that a shutdown is good strategy because "it shows the Tea Party that Congressional Republicans are willing to stand and fight"? How much are you willing to bet on 218 House Republicans sticking together as the shutdown goes on?
I get that there are many in Congress and in conservative pundit land worried about the long game. I get it. Really I do. There's a lot that patience and time can solve, but let me assure you, one of them is NOT Obamacare.

Once its implemented, there goes the country, or at least the one we knew. Buh-bye freedom. Hello, brownshirts. Want to smoke a cigarette? The IRS will be on your doorstep demanding additional payment, despite the exorbitant fees already placed on cigarettes at the original point of sale. Fees, I note, that are supposed to help fund healthcare, but whatever. Want to eat a low-carb, high fat diet? Sorry. That's going to cost you extra, because Michelle Obama has decreed that the appropriate diet for every.single.American is a low-fat, high carb diet. The IRS may come to your doorstep and replace your full-fat cream with skim milk. You'll pay a penalty for that, of course. (Meanwhile, Obamacare actually encourages behavior that we know is medically risky. You no longer have to pay for birth control pills, but we all get to pay extra for your regular Penicillin treatments. That gonorrhea isn't going to treat itself.) 

If it's not painfully obvious to you already, I am in a pretty much constant state of anger about the state of our government. My severe irritation is not limited to just the federal government. I feel generally enraged at the state government, the county government, the city government, school boards. Basically, if there's a bureaucrat or a politician involved, I'm frustrated.

And I've had enough of the discussion. Obamacare is bad for the country,  Republicans. Really, really bad. You can do the right thing, which involves standing your ground until this horrible legislation is overturned, or you can plot and worry about future blame.  Do the right thing. It really shouldn't be that difficult.

When the flames of America are doused and there's absolutely nothing left, no one who is put into a socialist re-education camp is going to give one single care about who started the fire.  

Final note: The Kansas Republicans are voting correctly. I am especially pleased with the votes of Sens. Moran and Roberts. Kansas is one of only two states in which both Senators voted against the Senate's stupid continuing resolution that restored Obamacare funding.

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